Mediator for Business Change

Andy Kenward is a Civil Mediation Council (CMC) Registered Mediator for civil and commercial and for workplace disputes.

He is also an experienced management consultant and project manager with first-hand experience of IT implementation, business process redesign, organisation transformation and merger integration.

Initiatives like these are often high risk and complex with a lot of uncertainty.  They can be stressful for those affected, usually need to resolve substantial differences of interest and can aggravate latent personality clashes.  Typically they're also time-critical, both for their direct benefits and also as enablers for other high-priority developments.

If there's a dispute with suppliers or conflict within your own organisation, the last thing you want is the cost, delay, publicity and drain on executive time of litigation or a tribunal hearing - or to lose key resources.

Mediation is a highly effective and relatively inexpensive alternative.  Very few commercial disputes require more than a single session lasting a one day or less.  Workplace disputes are usually best approached with private meetings followed a couple of weeks later with a joint session.

The settlement rate for mediation on the day comes out at 70% or better in recent studies, rising to about 80% if settlements shortly after mediation are included.

You can read a short piece on Andy's approach to mediation or download his CV.

Please get in touch if you'd like more information or if there's a dispute that you'd like to discuss.